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English 8

from iTunes U ($62)

Video: Overview of English 8 ...

English 8: Defining Personal Identity

from iTunes U ($29)

How do we find and create our identity? Every person is a product of a variety of experiences and influences (both familial and societal). These...

Making Makerspaces

from iTunes U ($15)

How do you make a Makerspace? What activities can you do with your learners? Jump into the art, design and technology behind putting tinkering and creativity back into learning....

Wordpress User's Group

from iTunes U (Free)

This is a small set of modules to help people who are new to blogging. Using Wordpress, this series will lead users through the basics of Wordpress to the point where they are...

iMovie for iPad in the Classroom

from iTunes U ($18)

iMovie HD for iPad is a powerful and full featured video tool that enables students and teachers to create compelling media from wherever they bring their iPad. Students are...