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An Adventure in Motorcycle Physics

from iTunes U (Free)

Motorcyclists can improve their riding awareness and skills by acquiring a deeper understanding of the physics of riding. Although technical in nature, this content offers...

Dr. Ray's Guide to Group Riding eCourse

from iTunes U (Free)

Motorcycling is primarily a solo activity, but for many, riding as a group – whether with friends on a Sunday morning ride or as part of an organized motorcycle rally – is the...

Dr. Ray's Seasoned Rider eCourse

from iTunes U (Free)

In response to the continuing increase in the average age of motorcyclists (now 40 years of age), MSF has developed this course to help riders stay safe through all phases of their...

Dr. Ray's Street Tips

from iTunes U (Free)

Dr. Ray's Street Tips consists of 40 brief, practical lessons covering various aspects of motorcycle ownership, inspection and set-up, riding techniques, typical traffic...