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Encrypting and decrypting information

from iTunes U (Free)

This unit is meant to introduce the idea of encryption of information. It relies on a series of fun, pair group exercises that gradually develop the student's ability to both...

Introductory project to IB Visual Arts

from iTunes U (Free)

This intensive two-week unit provides the learner with a clear idea of the rigors of IB Visual Arts. This unit is specific to Hiroshima, Japan but can be altered slightly to fit...

Last Days of Summer

from iTunes U (Free)

THINK Global School traveled to Boston in the United States of America during the winter and spring of 2013. In order to better understand the nation's culture, many subjects...

Power & persuasion: art as social commentary

from iTunes U (Free)

This unit will explore the ideas of persuasion, media, and rights. The ways in which expectations and the establishment are questioned conceptually and visually will be explored...

Using trigonometry to measure a really, really tall building

from iTunes U (Free)

Trigonometry is often a part of mathematics that many students struggle with because they find it too abstract to understand the practical applications of this field. My 10th grade...