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End Times (Eschatology)

from iTunes U ($1)

A study of eschatology including various systems, history of chiliasm, major themes and problems in eschatology, the order of predicted events, and the rapture question.


from iTunes U ($0)

A study of the methods of personal and group evangelism, with emphases on equipping laypersons to evangelize, the use of church and parachurch structures in evangelism, the care of...

Humanity and Sin

from iTunes U ($0)

A study of angelology, the doctrines of the unfallen angels, the fallen angels, and Satan; anthropology, a study of the creation of humanity, the material and immaterial aspects of...

Introduction to Theology

from iTunes U ($6)

A study of prolegomena as the nature, method, and sources of theology; revelation, especially the inspiration, authority, sufficiency, inerrancy, and canonicity of the Bible; and...

Leadership Dynamics

from iTunes U ($43)

An analysis of the qualities and practices of the effective Christian leader based on principles in Scripture and related literature, with attention to devising a personal...

Old Testament Prophets

from iTunes U ($16)

An exposition of the preexilic, exilic, and postexilic writing prophets (Isaiah through Malachi), excluding Jonah, but including Lamentations with emphasis on the biblical theology...

Salvation (Soteriology)

from iTunes U ($1)

A study of the grace of God in salvation, including election, the ministry of the Savior in His humiliation and exaltation, the nature and extent of the Atonement, efficacious...

Sanctification and Ecclesiology

from iTunes U ($22)

A study of sanctification, the doctrine of the spiritual life; and ecclesiology, the doctrines of the body of Christ and the local church including its organization, ministry,...

Spiritual Life

from iTunes U ($10)

A study of the biblical principles that govern true Christian character and service, with emphasis on the sufficiency of the divine provisions and the heart conditions necessary...

World Missions

from iTunes U ($45)

A study of the biblical meaning and purpose of missions, missions agencies and instruments, and missions accomplishments, trends, needs, and possibilities.