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Beginning Algebra

from iTunes U ($2)

This course is designed to develop basic algebraic skills through a study of fundamental properties of numbers, fundamental operations in arithmetic and algebra, including...

Calculus I (V2)

from iTunes U ($10)

Topics covered in this course are: Plane analytic geometry; functions, limits and continuity; differentiation and integration of algebraic and trigonometric functions, related...

Calculus II (V2)

from iTunes U ($10)

This course covers transcendental functions and their calculus.Other topics include various methods of integration: integration by parts and partial fractions, applications,...

College Algebra V2

from iTunes U ($2)

Topics covered in this course are: fundamental algebraic operations, exponents and radicals, systems of equations, higher degree equations, logarithms, matrices, and inequalities. ...

Intermediate Algebra V2

from iTunes U ($10)

This course is designed to augment the knowledge of the student who has limited background in algebra. Topics covered include but are not limited to: fundamental operations,...

Intro to Microsoft Office 2013

from iTunes U (Free)

The topics covered in this course are features of Microsoft Office 2013 Word, Excel, and Access. This course is...

Introduction to Statistics

from iTunes U ($0)

Designed for students enrolled in technical, business, and liberal arts curricula. Topics include describing and summarizing data both graphically and numerically, probability,...