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Advanced Placement Environmental Science

from iTunes U (Free)

The APES course follows the curriculum set by the AP Board for Environmental Science. This is a full year course. This course is taken by high school students attending Zeeland...

Algebra I (STEM)

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is intended for students enrolled in Mrs. Karsten's Algebra I STEM course at Zeeland East High School in Zeeland, Michigan. The course is based upon the common core...

American Literature & Composition

from iTunes U ($87)

American Literature and Composition is a junior level class that uses major works in American Literature to help students master the COMMON CORE CURRICULUM...

CCSS Algebra 1

from iTunes U (Free)

CCSS Algebra 1 This course uses the text Holt Algebra 1 published by Holt-Rinehart-Winston. ...


from iTunes U (Free)

This chemistry course follows the Michigan Merit Curriculum for students to earn a chemistry credit. This is not a college chemistry preparatory class. This course is intended to...

Creating Open Interactive Books

from iTunes U (Free)

This course aims to inspire and support the creative efforts of teachers to author original, high-quality, interactive content for their students. This course is the beginning of...

English 10B

from iTunes U ($48)

English 10B is the second semester of a full-year, tenth grade level, English/Language Arts course. This course explores elements of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, with...

Honors Algebra 1

from iTunes U (Free)

Honors Algebra 1 This course uses the text Advanced Algebra by UCSMP. Published by McGraw Hill.

Instructional Technology PD

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is a collection of different ideas and strategies for integrating web 2.0 tools, iPad apps, and other technologies into the k-12 teaching and learning environment. This...

Open Geometry 1st Semester

from iTunes U ($1)

This first semester Geometry course aims to give students a solid understanding of plane and coordinate geometry as well as an introduction to logic and reasoning. Beginning...

Open Geometry 2nd Semester

from iTunes U ($5)

The second semester Geometry course aims to give students a solid understanding of two and three dimensional geometric measurements. Students will learn to prove triangles are...

Watershed Investigations Inquiry Based Professional Development for Teachers

from iTunes U (Free)

Local watershed investigations provide excellent opportunities for students and educators to engage in doing science that has direct impact on community understanding of the local...

Wetland Ecology

from iTunes U (Free)

Wetland Ecology is a field based course where students learn about their environment and the Macatawa Watershed. Students will be outside from September through November. During...