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Administrative Law

from iTunes U (Free)

The course examines administrative law, its theory and practice. Students will be introduced to the traditional common law remedies concerning judicial review of administrative...

Contract A

from iTunes U (Free)

This course provides an introduction to the law of contract in Australia and will focus on the fundamental principles of a valid and enforceable contract. The course will examine...

Family Law

from iTunes U (Free)

This course surveys the law in Australia which regulates the key 'life-cycle' incidents of the marriage institution together with equivalent related and derivative relationships,...

Intellectual Property

from iTunes U (Free)

Intellectual property concerns legal rights over creativity and innovation. In Australia statutory rights exist in relation to Copyright, Patents, Designs, Trade Marks, Plant...


from iTunes U (Free)

Unlike prior courses which focus on law as it is - 'black-letter' law - this capstone course considers more theoretical, analytical, doctrinal and philosophical aspects of the...

Legal Advocacy

from iTunes U (Free)

Legal Advocacy concerns the preparation for and oral presentation of persuasive legal arguments. The course includes how to prepare for, structure and present oral arguments -...

Studying Law Online

from iTunes U (Free)

Studying Law online is a course developed by the CQUniversity discipline of law to help students adjust to online learning. The course is broken down into ten self-paced modules. ...


from iTunes U (Free)

This course investigates the law of the Internet. It examines the legal issues relevant to websites, software and hardware. The areas covered include jurisdiction, privacy,...