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6th Grade Tenses in English

from iTunes U ($8)

This course is designed to teach, revise and consolidate the use of the following tenses in English: Past Simple , Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Simple, Present...

English Literature 9th Grade

from iTunes U ($0)

Our book review courses on iTunes U starts with the book “The Outsiders” as a part of 9th Grade English course . It goes on with...

Matematik 8.Sınıf

from iTunes U ($9)

Bu ünitede, geometri, istatistik ve cebir öğrenme alanına ait konular işlenmiştir. Örüntü ve süslemeler ile dönüşüm geometrisi alt öğrenme alanlarında fraktallar,...

Mathematics 9. Grade

from iTunes U ($6)

Mathematics is the abstract study of topics encompassing quantity, structure, space, change and other properties; it has no generally accepted definiton. ...