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Animals and Their Stories

from iTunes U ($4)

This unit is taught using the five E's of instruction. This instruction model is based on a constructivist approach to learning, which says learners build or construct new ideas on...

Classroom Assessment

from iTunes U ($40)

This course is designed to prepare pre-service teachers for the various ways to assess student learning. A particular emphasis will be on authentic formative assessment and the...

Classroom Management

from iTunes U ($19)

This course provides a foundation in the theory and practice of classroom management.  Licensure candidates will study various models of discipline, issues in management, and...

Common Core with Common Sense

from iTunes U ($2)

Let’s get one thing straight. This course is not sanctioned by any department of education, political group, higher education institute, school system or committee. It is a...

ESOL: Macbeth

from iTunes U ($19)

Art thou frustrated by Shakespeare's writing style? This course will walk you through the main plot and theme points of Shakespeare's Macbeth, ...

Literary Concepts Made Easy

from iTunes U ($30)

Outlines major literary concepts and shares a variety of resources to help middle level and high school students get a basic understanding of the essential literary concepts they...

Matter Matters!

from iTunes U ($33)

Welcome to the iOS course, Matter Matters! . As you work your way through this course,  Miss Whistle and the Whiz Kids...

iBooks Author

from iTunes U ($10)

This course will be a starting point for new users of the new iBooks Author app. This course will cover the basics for creating a course. The presenter should provide content in...