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Global Studies

from iTunes U (Free)

Global Studies is a full-year course designed to help students develop organizational, reading, researching, writing, interactive, and analytical skills through the study of the...

Introduction to Psychology

from iTunes U (Free)

Introduction to Psychology is a semester course available to junior and senior students. The purpose of the course in Psychology is to introduce students to the systematic and...

Investigating Common Core Standards for Literacy

from iTunes U (Free)

An exploration of common core standards and their implications for ELA instruction in grades K-6. ...

Math Common Core: Exploring the Practice Standards

from iTunes U (Free)

1. Learn about the key features of the Math Common Core and the shift towards greater focus and rigor. 2. Read the Standards for Mathematical Practice and...

Western Civilization

from iTunes U (Free)

Students explore the development of Western society through a survey of the history of Western Civilization.Topics explored in-depth include classical Greece and Rome; the...