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Effective Workflow

from iTunes U ($24)


MISD iPad Training Resources

from iTunes U ($24)

Your one stop shop for iPad resources. Here you can find handouts, presentations and other information shared from your friendly neighborhood Educational Technology Trainers. ...

MISD iTunes U Training

from iTunes U (Free)

A simple course designed to help teachers set up their own iTunes courses. This is designed so that teachers from beginner through advanced stages could find useful information to...

Meet Your Mac

from iTunes U (Free)

This course will assist you in navigating the features and components of your MacBook. Included within are instructions on hardware, software and peripherals associated with your...

iCan: Transforming Teaching & Learning with Technology

from iTunes U ($39)

The purpose of this course is to assist teachers in integrating iTunes U and the iPad into their classroom teaching. Although there are other modes of providing resources to...