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Boydstun Biology

from iTunes U ($31)

Teachers: This course was built to be a day to day lesson plan to teach biology units. Each lesson is based off a forty five minute class period. View the,...

Effective Workflow

from iTunes U ($24)


MISD iPad Training Resources

from iTunes U ($24)

Your one stop shop for iPad resources. Here you can find handouts, presentations and other information shared from your friendly neighborhood Educational Technology Trainers. ...


from iTunes U ($6)

This course will emphasize the study of polynomial, radical, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. Functions, equations, and limits will be used as useful tools...

iCan: Transforming Teaching & Learning with Technology

from iTunes U ($39)

The purpose of this course is to assist teachers in integrating iTunes U and the iPad into their classroom teaching. Although there are other modes of providing resources to...