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Calvin - Histoire et réception d'une Réforme

from coursera (Free)

Course in French with English subtitles --...

Global Health: An Interdisciplinary Overview

from coursera (Free)

This course proposes an overview of current global health challenges drawing on the insights of several academic disciplines including medicine, public health, law, economics,...

Humanitarian communication : Addressing key challenges

from coursera (Free)

Learn how to address the main challenges of communication in humanitarian settings and how to implement a communication plan in the midst of humanitarian action.

International Organizations Management

from coursera (Free)

This course provides an overview of the management challenges international organizations & NGOs are faced with. You will learn key theoretical frameworks and practical tools to...

Introduction aux droits de l’homme

from coursera (Free)

Ce cours propose une introduction à la protection internationale des droits de l’homme. Il en présente les sources, les catégories, le contenu et les limites qui leur sont...

Le Bien, le Juste, l'Utile. Introduction aux éthiques philosophiques

from coursera (Free)

Ce cours présente les principaux courants qui marquent aujourd'hui la réflexion éthique et touchent tout un chacun dans sa vie personnelle, sociale et citoyenne. D’Aristote à...

Pathways to climate change adaptation: the case of Small Island Developing States

from coursera (Free)

This course provides an overview of climate change adaptation for the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) with a focus on the environmental perspective. It will present the key...

Rédaction de contrats

from coursera (Free)

Le cours porte sur les usages généralement admis en matière de rédaction de contrats commerciaux, dans leur forme continentale ou anglo-saxonne. Les principales clauses de ces...

The Diversity of Exoplanets

from coursera (Free)

The course will provide an overview of the knowledge acquired during the past 20 years in the domain of exoplanets. It will review the different detection methods, their...