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Becoming a Resilient Person - The Science of Stress Management

from edX (Free)

This course gives you the permission to take care of yourself by learning the skills to manage stress and optimize wellbeing.

Global Markets and Personal Impacts

from edX (Free)

Analyze globalization using evidence-based methods to address current issues that affect us personally and economically amidst worldwide market-led forces.

Introduction to Public Speaking

from edX (Free)

In this class, we will study the principles of public speaking, and critically examine our own and others’ speeches through interactive practice.

Positive Behavior Support for Young Children

from edX (Free)

Learn the evidence-based models to promote social-emotional development for young children.

Sustainability, Resilience, and Society

from edX (Free)

This course introduces the complex, but critical, concepts of sustainability and resilience and examines your impact on our environment.