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English 1

from iTunes U (Free)

Introductory English course focused on reading, writing, language, and speaking/listening.

English 3

from iTunes U (Free)

Prerequisite - successful completion of English 2 or teacher approval This course is a continuation of English II which refines skills in grammar, written compositions, vocabulary...

Health Occupations 2

from iTunes U (Free)

HEALTH SCIENCES 2 grades 11-12 1 credit 1 semester classPrerequisites: C or higher for each semester of Health Sciences 1Class scrub shirt (with class insignia), and scrub pants...

Health Occupations I

from iTunes U (Free)

HEALTH SCIENCES 1: grades 10-12, (1 credit) This two semester class takes place at CHS in order to introduce students to careers in the health field and to prepare them for...

Rayder Yearbook

from iTunes U (Free)

Prerequisite - Grade 9, previous English class with an A grade. Grades 10-12, previous English class with a C or higher or teacher approval. This course is an elective course where...