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AP European History

from iTunes U ($7)

The study of European history since 1450 introduces students to cultural, economic, political, and social developments that played a fundamental role in shaping the world in which...

Film Appreciation

from iTunes U ($23)

The Film Appreciation course is a one semester English elective designed to instruct juniors and seniors in the art of cinematic discourse. The course introduces students to the...


from iTunes U (Free)

The Soar Magazine is the Alumni Magazine for Paul VI High School. Subscribe to stay connected to all your alumni, friends and family. Keep in touch with us by subscribing to this...

Studies in World Literature

from iTunes U ($31)

The World Literature course (English IV) is a study in comparative world cultures that focuses primarily on “The Hero.” This survey course is not a chronological classification...

World History - Summer Course

from iTunes U (Free)

The Studies in World History Summer Course is a 4 week intensive review of great epochs in the flow of time. Students will be using the Holt McDougal World History book issued by...