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Amplify! Digital Pedagogy for Today and Tomorrow

from iTunes U ($17)

Today’s classroom is an exciting place to learn! Technology provides new and innovative ways for students to respond, interact and share their thinking as kids leverage digital...

Apps for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders

from iTunes U ($1430)

Educators and parents struggle to find appropriate apps to use for students with special needs. The purpose of this course is to assist in determining what app features to look for...

Creating A Culture Of Innovation

from iTunes U ($36)

In an era of ubiquitous information technology and open access content, we believe that the primary purpose of education is changing. It’s now more about the environment we...

Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is a collection of resources aimed at supporting the educational community in the creation of learning environments that are accessible and inclusive of all learners....

Digital Sketchnotes for Visualizing Learning

from iTunes U ($20)

This course will introduce learners of all ages to the technique of creating sketchnotes on a iPad as a way of visualizing their learning. ...

Flipping the Classroom: The Why and the How

from iTunes U ($5)

This course is designed for teachers and administrators interested in the flipped classroom model. The course has two main components: WHY flip your classroom and HOW to flip your...

Just in Time Professional Learning

from iTunes U (Free)

Abundant materials are available online and through iOS devices for just-in-time, self-directed professional development. However, not all teachers are benefitting from that...

Learn to Read With iPad

from iTunes U ($78)

This course will enable teachers to use iPads and Mac to create successful readers in the Early Years Classroom. By using both content rich apps and content creation apps children...

Map Your PD Pathway

from iTunes U (Free)

The "Map Your PD Pathway" course is aimed at individuals in K-12 institutions and the like that lead professional development. This course is to help you understand the different...

My Global Voice: Publishing With iBooks Author

from iTunes U (Free)

The student voice is powerful. iBooks Author can empower students in publishing their learning in an innovative, authentic way for a global audience. This iTunes U course provides...

News Writing with iPad

from iTunes U ($27)

Due to the power of the iPad, journalism today encompasses numerous possibilities. This course is used to teach news writing and other elements...

Primary Coding Adventures!

from iTunes U ($2)

Kids can code! Teachers who have introduced coding into primary classrooms have seen this proclamation in action. This course will outline ways to take primary coders past the...

Retelling Story Elements

from iTunes U ($6)

In this course, you will learn about the different elements of a good story.  We will learn about the different parts of a story and create a retelling of the story elements of...

The Key(note) to Coding

from iTunes U ($1)

There is a misconception when it comes to thinking about coding; some think it's only for computer programmers and others think it's too difficult. While we all weren't created to...

We're Going On A Shape Hunt!

from iTunes U ($16)

Shape hunts happen every year in early years and primary classrooms. They are a great way for children to notice that their world is made up of 2D and 3D shapes. This course aims...


from iTunes U ($14)

Welcome to the first iTunes U course on the topic of digital zine making! ...

iPad Integration in Elementary Education

from iTunes U ($44)

These materials will familiarize teachers with the deployment and use of iPads in an elementary education setting. Educators will learn how to set up an iPad, convert their own...

iPad in the Classroom

from iTunes U ($22)

This is a self-paced course designed to introduce teachers to the use of iPads in the classroom. These professional development sessions are designed for beginners and include: ...