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Become a Citizen Journalist

from iTunes U ($4)

Mobile journalism is an emerging form of new media storytelling where reporters use portable electronic devices with network connectivity to gather, edit and distribute news from...

Creating & Sharing Open Educational Resources

from iTunes U ($0)

This nonlinear collection of Multi-Touch resource books are designed to support educators who are authoring content and/or guiding learners who are authoring content for...

Stop Motion Animation

from iTunes U ($21)

Digital storytelling through movies is a great way to demonstrate understanding and teach others. With the increasing quality of available apps for creating stop motion animations...

Video Journalism for Social Change

from iTunes U ($17)

This course is designed to empower young people to tell non-fiction stories about their communities and affect a positive change. Through a series of thoughtful exercises and...

iAm: A Brand Called ME

from iTunes U ($95)

Today more than ever students are faced with competing in an idea driven, globally connected economy. We are on 24/7. ...