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Apps for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders

from iTunes U ($1430)

Educators and parents struggle to find appropriate apps to use for students with special needs. The purpose of this course is to assist in determining what app features to look for...

Area Investigation: Montezuma Puzzle

from iTunes U ($35)

In this task students will investigate the concept of area of compound shapes. The introduction is via the Montezuma Puzzle App. Students will solve puzzles, design their own...

Cell Survivor

from iTunes U ($30)

This course is designed for science educators teaching a lesson on plant and animal cells with students from 6th to 12th grade. ...

Create a Toy Challenge

from iTunes U ($24)

About This Challenge: This is one of many challenges the library offers. In the "Create a Toy Challenge", our School is collaborating with a local...

Figurative Language in Descriptive Writing

from iTunes U ($17)

Objectives ...

Making Sound Visible: Teacher's Guide

from iTunes U ($29)

This course provides background information on sound and instruction for incorporating the study of sound waves into a classroom with iPads. This course is intended for teachers...

Map Your PD Pathway

from iTunes U (Free)

The "Map Your PD Pathway" course is aimed at individuals in K-12 institutions and the like that lead professional development. This course is to help you understand the different...

News Writing with iPad

from iTunes U ($27)

Due to the power of the iPad, journalism today encompasses numerous possibilities. This course is used to teach news writing and other elements...

Non-Verbal & Visual Communications

from iTunes U ($18)

This course aims to provide the learner with the knowledge, skills and capacity to communicate effectively in a variety of everyday situations including verbal and non verbal...

Of Mice and Men

from iTunes U ($27)

Of Mice and Men is one of the treasured classics of the twentieth century. The fictional Lenny and George represent the experience of the migrant worker during the Great...

Stories of War: A Literature Circle Project

from iTunes U ($64)

This course is a guide for teachers explaining how to facilitate a literature circle unit that utilizes an essential question to foster student inquiry, collaboration, and content...

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

from iTunes U ($35)

This project-based course explores the topic of civil rights in United States history through the lens of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Students are challenged to read the act...

The Leaf Walk Field Trip

from iTunes U ($4)

This course is a "behind-the-scenes" example of a "mini-lesson" that incorporates field study with the creation of a field guide. Students learn how to classify leaves by first...

Weaving Your Web with Charlotte's Web

from iTunes U ($40)

Have you ever had a good friend in trouble? ...

iPad Integration in Elementary Education

from iTunes U ($44)

These materials will familiarize teachers with the deployment and use of iPads in an elementary education setting. Educators will learn how to set up an iPad, convert their own...

iPad as Expressive Sound Canvas

from iTunes U ($60)

This course is for any learner, at any level of ability. ...