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Annette Bening Master Class

from iTunes U ($41)

Actress Annette Bening opens up to Chapman University students about her career, life, and perseverance in the film industry.

Cloud Computing: Power of the Cloud

from iTunes U (Free)

This course teaches the latest in cloud computing technology and how to harness the power of cloud computing to drive new technological advancements. Through a series of lectures,...

Contemporary Poetry

from iTunes U (Free)

The Center for Poetry at Chapman University has reached across campus to develop special campus offerings and events featuring the poken word, including a weeklong celebration...

Cosmology and Quantum Theory

from iTunes U (Free)

Why are we here? What is the meaning of existence? What is the future evolution for humanity? How do humans fit into the universe? Is religious...


from iTunes U (Free)

Creativity is more than the process of creating. It is about problem solving, risk taking, letting go of old patterns and set ways of doing things. It is about exploring different...

Fundamentals of Quantum Theory

from iTunes U (Free)

This course on the fundamental aspects of quantum physics features 40 of the leading physicists from around the globe, including several Nobel laureates and Francois Englert,...

Happiness: Exploring Its Spiritual and Rational Foundations

from iTunes U (Free)

In this course, Professor Gail Stearns and Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies, Professor Jay Kumar, explore "happiness" as an underlying orientation to life, as defined and...

Holocaust Studies

from iTunes U (Free)

Holocaust education at Chapman University is a distinctive multi-faceted program. While many other universities teach about the Holocaust, Chapman is distinguished among both...

Home Buying 101

from iTunes U (Free)

The Hoag Center for Real Estate and Finance at Chapman University hosts a Homeownership Fair with the Orange County Young Professionals Network. Our mission is to educate the...

Kristallnacht: Night of Broken Glass

from iTunes U (Free)

The Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education and the Fish Interfaith Center present a commemoration of Kristallnacht in remembrance of the events that shattered a community on...

The Experimental Metaphysics of Free Will

from iTunes U (Free)

Top scholars address challenges that the newest findings of Quantum Physics present for our understanding of free will, from the perspective of their particular disciplines and the...

Writers on Writing

from iTunes U (Free)

In this course, published novelists, cinematic editors, and television writers instruct on topics of literature while each focusing on their own preferred writing genre. Through a...