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A Digital Communication Laboratory

from iTunes U (Free)

These course materials are intended as a student guide for hands-on exploration of physical layer communication. Through a sequence of guided explorations, students design and...

Brain, Arts & Everyday Life

from iTunes U (Free)

You will learn from the top minds in the world, exploring how advances in the scientific study of minds and brains shed light on our general knowledge about literature, the arts,...

Branding, content, and social media

from iTunes U (Free)

“You can buy attention (advertising). You can beg for attention from the media (PR). You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales). Or you can earn attention by...

Business Administration 1100 (Business Survey)

from iTunes U ($9)

The Business Administration 1100 (Business Survey) course guides Fisher College of Business students in the process of formulating an overall academic plan at OSU. This course...

Campus News: Creating College Student Media

from iTunes U ($14)

Campus news is the ultimate in community reporting, serving a diverse population with beats that run the gamut, from education to crime, government to arts--all within the...

Cat Mastery

from iTunes U ($4)

Who are cats, really? What makes them so “mysterious” to some people? Where did they come from? How did they become one of the most popular pets on the planet? Why do they do...

Class of 2018 Orientation: College of Medicine

from iTunes U (Free)

Welcome Medical Students! ...

Climate Impacts in the Great Lakes

from iTunes U (Free)

The Climate Change Impacts on the Great Lakes course provides an overview of the latest research about how a changing climate will affect different aspects of our daily lives. The...

Documentary in the US Experience

from iTunes U (Free)

English 2367.03, Documentary in the US Experience, is an intermediate composition course that extends and refines skills in critical reading and expository writing through analysis...

Documenting Community Literacies: Using Digital Narratives

from iTunes U (Free)

This course focuses on documenting and preserving the literacies of communities through personal literacy narratives. We invite people to take the materials...

ED T&L 1901.05

from iTunes U ($2)

ESL Composition EDU T&L 1901.05 Course Description ...

EDt&L 5901.05: Advanced English as a Second Language (5901.05)

from iTunes U (Free)

EDUTL 5901.05 - 010 Advanced English as a Second Language ...

Ed T & L 5902 - Advanced English as Second Language

from iTunes U ($2)


Explore Columbus!

from iTunes U (Free)

Explore the architecture, landscape, neighborhoods and urban environment that is Columbus OH. This course meets once a week to go out and explore many of the notable designs and...

Film & Comics

from iTunes U (Free)

This course will study the relationship between comic books and film—with a nod toward the short story. We will explore how these storytelling forms have come into their own in...

How to be a Speaker Coach:

from iTunes U (Free)

Dr. Amy Barnes ...

Human Trafficking

from iTunes U ($57)

Welcome to an informative and thorough discussion on Human Trafficking! This course will provide a comprehensive discourse on domestic and global human trafficking. This will be...

Immersion Journalism with Multimedia

from iTunes U ($34)

Storytelling is the dream for any writer, and becoming a narrative, immersion-based factual writer is the goal for all students of this class. Based on Ohio State's capstone...

Life in the Universe

from iTunes U ($0)

Twenty years ago we knew of exactly one planetary system: our own. Today we know of more than 1000 confirmed planets around other stars, with a few thousand more candidate systems...

Lights, Camera, Reporting: Media Law and Ethics Through Film (new & improved)

from iTunes U ($28)

Welcome to the wonderful world of law and ethics as they pertain to Journalism and the First Amendment. This course will feature legal and ethical issues facing journalists--as...