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Career Planning

from iTunes U (Free)

This short course helps students think about their career in the Music Industry and in which particular field they may like to specialise in.

Marketing Management

from iTunes U (Free)

This course covers marketing of music/musicians and associated products.

Nature of Business

from iTunes U (Free)

This course covers the nature of becoming a business and how to operate effectively in the music industry - from setting up your business structure, to ethical operation, to...

Term 5: Preparing and managing your project using HR theory.

from iTunes U (Free)

Year 12 Semester 1 Human Resource Management is one of the most important roles within any organisation. The HRM department/manager is responsible for the...

Term 6: Running a successful music event

from iTunes U (Free)

Year 12 Semester 1: Running a festival involves a great amount of planning, preparation and combined effort. In this course you will apply operations...

Term 7: Successful Business Planning

from iTunes U (Free)

Year 12 Semester 2: This course will help you write the business plan for your first venture.

Term 8:Through the Streets of this Town

from iTunes U (Free)

Year 12 Semester 2: Taking your first steps into the post high school world can be daunting however if you've made some connections and developed a network...