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from iTunes U (Free)

"All Over The World" is a course which explores currency exchange, and measuring time and distance across the earth's surface.

Business Time: Year 11 English SAS in the context of the Music Industry

from iTunes U (Free)

Using the music industry as a context to develop English communication skills to develop texts in a variety of different media.

Career Planning

from iTunes U (Free)

This short course helps students think about their career in the Music Industry and in which particular field they may like to specialise in.


from iTunes U (Free)

Footing The Bill introduces students to an understanding of living costs and the different ways we to try to make ends meet. Students will research the costs of everyday food items...

Marketing Management

from iTunes U (Free)

This course covers marketing of music/musicians and associated products.

Nature of Business

from iTunes U (Free)

This course covers the nature of becoming a business and how to operate effectively in the music industry - from setting up your business structure, to ethical operation, to...

Pro Tools and Recording for beginners

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is designed for high school students at Music Industry College using Pro Tools 8 with Mbox 3. While the course content is useful to anyone, some activities require...

Quit smoking: a life-changing decision

from iTunes U (Free)

Are you thinking of quitting smoking? This course provides you with a range of information, materials and activities which will help you to: - identify why...


from iTunes U (Free)

Musicians and band managers need to have working knowledge of their finances when embarking on large projects such as ...

Term 5: Preparing and managing your project using HR theory.

from iTunes U (Free)

Year 12 Semester 1 Human Resource Management is one of the most important roles within any organisation. The HRM department/manager is responsible for the...

Term 6: Running a successful music event

from iTunes U (Free)

Year 12 Semester 1: Running a festival involves a great amount of planning, preparation and combined effort. In this course you will apply operations...

Term 7: Successful Business Planning

from iTunes U (Free)

Year 12 Semester 2: This course will help you write the business plan for your first venture.

Term 8:Through the Streets of this Town

from iTunes U (Free)

Year 12 Semester 2: Taking your first steps into the post high school world can be daunting however if you've made some connections and developed a network...

The Impact of Music on Society and the Individual

from iTunes U (Free)

In this unit students will assess the impact of music on the individual and society, across time and the world. Musical movements, artists and texts will be examined to reveal...