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Fiction for Young Adults

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From Pride and Prejudice to Twilight , Looking for Alibrandi to ...

Genres in Children's Literature

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In this subject, students study current theories of literature, with a focus on genres relating to children's literature as a form of social practice. Topics covered include...

History of Children's Literature

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In this subject, students investigate the development of literature for children from the traditional literatures of myth and legend, folk and fairy tales, through early...

Philosophical Problems

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In this subject we examine some of the central problems that have captivated philosophers throughout millennia, as well as those that scientific advances and cultural changes have...

Postcolonial Literature for Children

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In this subject students examine major themes and strategies used by children's authors to represent and comment upon postcolonial issues and experience. Elements of literature...

The Philosophy of Descartes

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René Descartes, the ‘father of modern philosophy’ wrote his essay Meditations (published 1641) not long after Shakespeare published the Sonnets (1609). The change from...

The Philosophy of Hume

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If Descartes is the father of modern philosophy, Hume is the person who gave shape to the contemporary philosophical world. First by querying Descartes' theories about knowledge,...