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Ancient Greece: Myth, Art, War

from iTunes U (Free)

In this subject students are introduced to the diversity of the ancient Greek achievement, which has exercised a fundamental and continuing influence upon later European literature...

Animal Science

from iTunes U (Free)

Animal science is the combination of disciplines that together compromise the study of domestic animals (or more broadly, captive animals). This course will cover issues related to...

Australian Aboriginal History

from iTunes U (Free)

In this subject students study two key regions of Australia's colonial past – the cradle of white settlement in early New South Wales and/or Tasmania, and the Northern Territory,...

Broadcast Journalism

from iTunes U (Free)

In Broadcast Journalism you will explore the reporter's role in factual production across broadcast and electronic media. Topics covered will include research for audio visual...

Classical Mythology

from iTunes U (Free)

In this subject we explore Greek and Roman mythology, with particular reference to some core narratives and themes. Greek mythology is very focused around hero myths, and this is a...

Epics of Rome

from iTunes U (Free)

This subject explores Ancient Roman epic poetry, the literary genre which deals with grand mythical narratives involving heroes, gods, war, and love affairs. ...

Fiction for Young Adults

from iTunes U (Free)

From Pride and Prejudice to Twilight , Looking for Alibrandi to ...

Genres in Children's Literature

from iTunes U (Free)

In this subject, students study current theories of literature, with a focus on genres relating to children's literature as a form of social practice. Topics covered include...

History of Children's Literature

from iTunes U (Free)

In this subject, students investigate the development of literature for children from the traditional literatures of myth and legend, folk and fairy tales, through early...

Introduction to Business Law

from iTunes U (Free)

In this introductory subject, students examine legal institutions and practices such as law making and interpretation of laws. The law of contract and its place in commercial law,...

Introduction to China

from iTunes U (Free)

In this subject students are introduced to China. The lectures are tied together by several common themes, including China’s incredible geographic, ethnic and cultural diversity,...

Plant Science

from iTunes U (Free)

Plant Science focusses on the green, silent, and motionless life forms we take for granted. Plants are amazing organisms. Literally rooted in one spot, they are able to cope with a...

Postcolonial Literature for Children

from iTunes U (Free)

In this subject students examine major themes and strategies used by children's authors to represent and comment upon postcolonial issues and experience. Elements of literature...

Principles of Human Nutrition

from iTunes U (Free)

In this subject, students will develop an understanding of the major food sources, metabolism and storage of the major food molecules carbohydrate, protein and fat (the...

Principles of Physics

from iTunes U (Free)

On completion of this unit, students will be able to solve problems in classical physics (mechanics, thermodynamics, waves and optics) which provide the basis for further study in...

Sports Economics

from iTunes U (Free)

The aim of this subject is to identify the constraints and opportunities that will affect the ability of sports to survive in an increasingly competitive, global marketplace....

The Interview

from iTunes U (Free)

As workplaces become more interactive and interconnected, interviewing skills are becoming more important across a range of vocations. In this subject, students study the processes...

The Ottoman Empire

from iTunes U (Free)

The Ottoman empire began modestly in the late fourteenth century and soon grew to become a formidable world power, lasting for centuries until its decline and collapse in 1923....

The Roman World

from iTunes U ($5)

This subject deals with the cultural history of ancient Rome - its literature, its mythology, its art and architecture, and its political and civil institutions. From its earliest,...

Witch-Hunts and Persecution

from iTunes U (Free)

In this course, we will use the anthropological approach and methodology to understand witch-hunts and persecution. We start by looking at magic, witchcraft and sorcery and...