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Beginning Japanese II

from MIT OpenCourseware (Free)

This course covers Lessons 7-12A of JSL ( Japanese: the Spoken Language, Part 1 , by Eleanor H. Jorden with Mari Noda, Yale University...

Introduction to Asian American Studies: Literature, Culture, and Historical Experience

from MIT OpenCourseware (Free)

An interdisciplinary subject that draws on literature, history, anthropology, film, and cultural studies to examine the experiences of Asian Americans in U.S. society. Covers the...

Japanese I

from MIT OpenCourseware (Free)

This course covers Japanese: The Spoken Language Lessons 1 through 6, providing opportunities to acquire basic skills for conversation,...

Japanese Literature and Cinema

from MIT OpenCourseware (Free)

This course includes surveys for both cinematic and literary representations of diverse eras and aspects of Japanese culture such as the classical era, the samurai age, wartime...