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Course: A Century of Chinese Cinema

from iTunes U (Free)

Professor Chirs Berry and Dr Victor Fan from the Department of Film Studies at King's College, London give a course that identifies Chinese-language cinema as one of the world's...

Egyptian People's Revolution on Film

from iTunes U (Free)

This audio file is a discussion on Egyptian revolution on film after the screening of 'Born on 25 January' by Ahmed Rashwan, at the BFI. Chaired by Mona Deeley, Discover Arab...

Gothic Unbound Study Day

from iTunes U (Free)

This Study Day aims to explore a fundamental question beneath our celebration of the ‘The Dark Heart of Film’: what exactly we mean when we say ‘Gothic?’ Where does the...

Mamoun Hassan on Ozu

from iTunes U (Free)

Mamoun Hassan, ex of the BFI Production Board, gives us a 20 minute introduction to Yasujiro Ozu’s An Autumn Afternoon, Ozu’s final film and masterpiece, screening at BFI...

Sarah Gavron Podcast

from iTunes U (Free)

Talking to Sarah Gavron... ...

Study Day: Pier Paolo Pasolini

from iTunes U (Free)

Stimulating and engaging programme of talks, discussions and screenings (hosted in collaboration with the University of Sussex’s Centre for Visual Fields and School of English)...

Talk: Albertine Fox on Jean-Luc Godard as Sound Artist

from iTunes U (Free)

Sound and music occupy a hugely important position at the heart of Jean-Luc Godard’s artistic practice. In this talk, film researcher Albertine Fox considers the way Godard’s...

Talk: An Introduction to A Century of Chinese Cinema

from iTunes U (Free)

Noah Cowan, the curator of A Century of Chinese Cinema, a five-month season celebrating China's rich film tradition now being presented at the BFI Southbank, gives an overview of...

Talk: Chinaphobia On Screen

from iTunes U (Free)

In this richly illustrated talk, Christopher Frayling, cultural historian and acclaimed writer on film, draws on his book The Yellow Peril: Dr Fu Manchu and the Rise of Chinaphobia...

Talk: Laura Mulvey and Michael Witt on Jean-Luc Godard

from iTunes U (Free)

To introduce BFI Southbank's Jean-Luc Godard season, filmmaker and theorist Laura Mulvey (author of Visual and Other Pleasures and Death 24x a Second) joins season co-curator...

Talk: Sex, Politics and Aesthetics in Shanghai Golden Age

from iTunes U (Free)

This illustrated talk by Dr Victor Fan (King's College London) introduces the riches of "The Golden Age" of Chinese cinema by sketching the intellectual and artistic contexts from...