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Constitutional Law I

from iTunes U (Free)

Civil Liberties. Traditional and newly-emerging issues of civil liberties in such areas as free speech, church-state relations and freedom of the press

Intro to American Govt

from iTunes U (Free)

A survey of the origins, structure, and functions of the political system in the United States on the national, state, and local levels. POSC 210 specifically addresses the...

Introduction to Management Science

from iTunes U (Free)

Management of business transformation processes. A survey of the basic concepts, principles, and practices involved in the design, implementation, operation, and control of...

Survey of Public Administration

from iTunes U (Free)

A study of bureaucracy in the United States. Emphasis on the environment of public administration, management of programs, and human behavior in organizations.


from iTunes U (Free)

Trombone Music

Wind Ensemble

from iTunes U (Free)

Wind Ensemble reference recordings.