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Braemar College City Week

from iTunes U ($7)

City week…. A Cultural emersion experience ...

I.D.M - Program 1 - Unit 1: BSBOHS201A / BSBDES201A - Participate in OHS processes

from iTunes U ($1)

Interactive Digital Media ( IDM ) is a class that will allow students to earn a Vocational Education and Training ( VET ...

I.D.M. Unit 3/4 - A Bug's Life - Create 2D Digital Animations in Adobe Flash

from iTunes U ($2)

This is the first of three courses that make up the coursework in Units 3/4 of I.D.M. ...

Literature - Year 10: Reading and Writing Term 3

from iTunes U ($2)

This course contains four main topics: ...

Media - Film - Creating a Teen Movie

from iTunes U ($2)

The Jock, The Geek, The Princess, The New Kid, The Girl Next Door. From Ferris Bueller to Napoleon Dynamite. You have all seen a...

Media - Year 8: Print & Broadcast

from iTunes U ($14)

The following course was designed to show some of the many facets of Media to a Year 8 level. Focusing on ...

New Media - Year 10

from iTunes U ($2)

In this course we will be looking at five main topics: ...