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2D/3D Animation

from iTunes U (Free)

An introduction to 2D and 3D design concepts and terminology. Practical experience in the design and evaluation of 2D/3D still and motion graphics. Students gain practical...

Desktop Publishing

from iTunes U (Free)

The ability to type and knowledge of the computer keyboard is required. Desktop publishing skills and/or topics including a brief history of typography and printing; theory,...

Direct Marketing Communication

from iTunes U (Free)

A study of the principles and strategies of direct and interactive marketing communication, including the writing and design of direct mail, telemarketing scripts, direct-response...

Interactive Multimedia

from iTunes U (Free)

Study of both visual media design concepts and site management for web development. Practical experience in the preparation of digital materials on the development of standards to...

Introduction to Mass Communication

from iTunes U (Free)

An overview of the role of print and electronic media in the dissemination of information to a mass audience.

Micro-budget Filmmaking

from iTunes U (Free)

In this condensed exploration of filmmaking, students learn the process of developing a low-budget film. Translating a minimum budget into the maximum quality on screen is the main...

Social Media Tools-Introductory

from iTunes U (Free)

The course will introduce the concept and application of social media. Students will gain hand on experience using readily available social medial tools to create a social media...

The Transmedia Organization

from iTunes U (Free)

Principles and practice to strategically manage digital interactive and Transmedia organizations.

Theology in Cinema

from iTunes U (Free)

This course explores the use of theology in cinema. As an introductory course, it seeks to answer the questions that many Christians face about movies as an artistic medium....