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Analysis of Financial Reports

from iTunes U (Free)

Accounting is based on assumptions and qualitative characteristics. It is important to be aware of these...

Animationish 101

from iTunes U (Free)

An introduction to frame drawn animation via animationish software. ...


from iTunes U (Free)

This course is part of the Senior French work program for Queensland high school students in Australia. It contains mainly videos to enhance the receptive skills of listening.

Grade 9 Introduction to world religions

from iTunes U (Free)

A brief introduction to 5 religions or ideologies. Atheism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.

Grammar 1: Sentence Structure

from iTunes U (Free)

This course gives brief video overviews of the skills needed to create grammatically correct sentences. Starting with simple sentence construction, the course builds on newly...

High School Earth Science

from iTunes U (Free)

This course will run through the Year 8 and 9 Earth and Space Science course taught at St Hilda's. It will endeavour to follow the Earth and Space Science component of the...

TI-84 Plus Graphics Calculator

from iTunes U (Free)

Here are a series of videos that will help year 10, 11 and 12 Mathematics B students with the use of their graphic calculator. The calculator that is used is the TI-84 Plus.

Technology in Physical Education

from iTunes U (Free)

This course explores the various technological equipment and applications used in Physical Education and Sport Science at St Hilda's School to improve physical performance.

Year 6 - Maths Fraction Videos

from iTunes U (Free)

Ever wondered how to work out fractional amounts of numbers? How to add and subtract fractions? This course contains videos clearly illustrating how to work out problems. Learn...

Year 7 Literacy: Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

from iTunes U (Free)

This course contains your English homework for Term 1, based on Knowledge Quest English Workbook 1 .  ...

iStopMotion 101

from iTunes U (Free)

Introduction to stop motion film making via iStopMotion software for Mac and iPad. The principles apply to any stop motion software on any platform. ...