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from iTunes U (Free)

Ce module traite le sujet de la vie des jeunes dans la ville et dans la campagne. ...

Fact vs. Opinion in the Media

from iTunes U (Free)

In this unit, the focus will be on developing an awareness of the necessity to critically analyse/evaluate the amount of truth in the media, particularly news and current affairs....

Managing Human Resources

from iTunes U (Free)

People are central to business organisations. The effectiveness of any organisation depends on the people who work in it and how well these...

Numeracy NAPLAN 7&9

from iTunes U (Free)

This course consists of a series of interactive, multi-touch books that will help students develop skills and confidence to assist in preparation for multiple choice tests in...

Visual Literacy

from iTunes U (Free)

This unit is designed to assist high school students to develop their visual literacy skills. While the course has been designed with a Grade 10 cohort in mind, it would be...