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Blood Sports - Gladiators in Ancient Rome

from iTunes U (Free)

This unit analyses how Roman politicians used blood sports (gladiatorial combats) to control the people. It looks at the roles of various people in Roman society and the values and...

Middle / Senior School iPad Resources

from iTunes U ($135)

This course lists all the Apps (paid and free) you will need loaded on your iPad at St Hilda's. Click on each App to be taken to the App Store for downloads.

Peloponnesian Wars

from iTunes U (Free)

Year 12 Term 3 unit - the Peloponnesian Wars looks at conflict. IN this case, we look at how the civil conflict known as the Peloponnesian Wars began between Sparta and Athens in...

Study of Power - Ancient Rome

from iTunes U (Free)

This unit covers the symbols and uses of power that existed in the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. Topics include: Roman politics, The Struggle of the Orders, The Gracchi,...

The Persian Wars

from iTunes U (Free)

This unit is dedicated to the study of The Persian Wars. It is a collection of material you could use for your assignment or as background information for your pre-reading to the...