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Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers

from Alison (Free)

Communication in classrooms is more complex and unpredictable than in many other situations. As a teacher, understanding the unique features and functions of communication in the...

Instructional Planning for Successful Teaching

from Alison (Free)

Education has goals, purposes and objectives. A vital task in teaching is to know what they are and transform them into objectives for students. Without these, students may end up...

Introduction to the Learning Process for Teachers and Trainers

from Alison (Free)

For teachers and trainers to fulfil their instructional role most effectively, their teaching methods must be grounded in educational learning theory. Understanding the learning...

Motivating Students to Learn

from Alison (Free)

Motivation is the energy that gives behavior direction and focus, and can be understood in a variety of ways. This free online course will teach you about the different theories on...

Understanding Student Development and Diversity

from Alison (Free)

Student development and student diversity need to be studied and understood simultaneously. While there are general similarities between students, ultimately every student develops...

Working with Students with Special Educational Needs

from Alison (Free)

Special education addresses the individual differences and requirements of students with special educational needs. As a teacher or trainer, working with students with special...