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An introduction to health and social care

from The Open University ($2786)

We all depend on care services at some time in our lives – at home; in hospitals, clinics or GP surgeries; in community and residential settings. This key introductory OU level 1...

Children's literature

from The Open University ($2786)

This module provides a broad introduction to the vibrant and growing field of children’s literature studies. You will study children’s literature in English ranging from its...

English for academic purposes online

from The Open University ($1393)

This predominantly online module aims to develop the communication skills you need for successful academic study in English. Throughout the module, you will work with a wide range...

Equality, participation and inclusion: learning from each other

from The Open University ($2786)

This module is for anyone interested in issues of access for children and young people in diverse social and educational contexts. It supports you in engaging with differing...

Exploring perspectives on young children's lives and learning

from The Open University ($2786)

This module is appropriate for anyone with an interest in the lives and learning of young children including current early childhood practitioners who want to develop their...

Introduction to working with young people in practice

from The Open University ($2786)

This work-based learning module focuses on your own face-to-face work with young people. It will help you to develop the skills and understanding needed to work effectively with...

Learning about iTunes U Course Manager

from iTunes U (Free)

This course, built in iTunes U Course Manager, is about building courses in this tool. Since the launch of iTunes U Course Manager earlier in 2012, the Open University has been...

Learning and teaching in the primary years

from The Open University ($2786)

This key introductory module covers a range of themes relating to primary education including children’s learning, inclusive education, play and creativity, home-school liaison,...

Learning through enquiry in primary schools

from The Open University ($2786)

This work-based learning module is relevant to a wide range of primary school professionals who support children’s learning – teaching assistants, classroom helpers, cover...

Living psychology: from the everyday to the extraordinary

from The Open University ($2786)

This module draws on classic and contemporary theory and research in psychology and applies them to a broad range of contexts. You will learn how psychologists have studied both...

Start writing essays

from iTunes U (Free)

According to award-winning Australian journalist, John Pilger, there is a fine line between good writing and pretentious writing. That is true whether you’re a journalist, a...

Subject knowledge and professional practice in primary schools

from The Open University ($2786)

This online work-based module is for experienced teaching assistants or classroom assistants in a primary school (typically providing for children aged 4/5 to 11/12 years) or...

Working with young people: an introduction

from The Open University ($2786)

This key introductory module is aimed at those who are working with, or interested in working with, young people – particularly those aged 13 to 19 – in areas of practice where...