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Approaching fiction

from iTunes U (Free)

Do you enjoy reading for pleasure but wish you knew more about analysing a text? This broad-ranging learning pathway provides an introduction to the techniques that are central to...

From Enlightenment to Romanticism

from iTunes U (Free)

From around 1780–1830 Europe underwent huge political and cultural changes. It moved from what has come to be called the ‘Age of Reason’ (or Enlightenment) through to the...

Global English: a language of controversy?

from iTunes U (Free)

‘Britain and America,’ wrote George Bernard Shaw, ‘are two countries divided by a common language.’ That witty comment summarises the problems and complexities of English....

Introducing philosophy: thinking and ethics

from iTunes U (Free)

Here’s a puzzle. A train is running at speed out of control down its track. In its path are five people, tied to the track. You can flip a switch to save these five people by...

Time and Place in Literature

from iTunes U (Free)

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart” advised 18th-19th Century poet William Wordsworth. But do all great writers write from the head or the heart? ...

What do we mean when we talk about family?

from iTunes U (Free)

The traditional notion of a family is perhaps changing faster now than ever before. The change brings a number of questions. What is ‘family’? Can the family rightly be...

Writing creatively: fiction

from iTunes U (Free)

Have you got a story to tell but don’t know where to start? The idea of writing a novel can be exciting or daunting. Either way this learning pathway offers support on how to...

Writing creatively: poetry

from iTunes U (Free)

Start writing your own poetry. Leading poets share their experiences of writing poetry and along the way offer advice that will help you to find your voice. ...