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Appreciating architecture

from iTunes U ($6)

Have you sometimes wondered about the context in which a building was designed, the technology available to the builders, or the visual setting at that time? Architecture is an art...

Cheap labour and the global economy

from iTunes U (Free)

Globalised manufacturing often relies on ‘sweatshops’ and cheap labour to gain its market share. But the word ‘sweatshop’ has become an emotive term – so what do we...

Communicating through music

from iTunes U (Free)

Music is a form of universal communication. Even when people don’t understand each others’ languages, music has an amazing ability to convey a range of information about...

DNA – an introduction

from iTunes U (Free)

Deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA, has fascinated and excited scientists for over 140 years. Since it was first isolated by Friedrich Miescher in 1869, to 1953, the year James Watson...

Daring to do mathematics

from iTunes U (Free)

How do you feel about mathematics? ...

Darwin’s theory of evolution

from iTunes U (Free)

Victorian naturalist Charles Darwin unveiled his theory of evolution by natural selection in 1859. He wasn’t the first person to observe that livings things evolve or change over...

Design, technology and the environment

from iTunes U (Free)

‘Where there’s muck, there’s money’ is an expression that arose out the British 19th Century industrial development. It suggests that ‘muck’ – waste, pollution,...


from iTunes U (Free)

Ecosystems are networks of living organisms that interact with each other and their physical environment. The scientific study of ecosystems is known as 'ecology'. Studying an...

Forensic engineering and the analysis of disaster

from iTunes U (Free)

When large structures fail, the results can be catastrophic: lives lost, lives ruined. Communities who will never forget. ...

Genetic modified foods – the issues

from iTunes U (Free)

Genetically modified foods are derived from genetically modified organisms. The technique is to introduce a specific DNA sequence by genetic engineering, conferring some benefit to...

Global English: a language of controversy?

from iTunes U (Free)

‘Britain and America,’ wrote George Bernard Shaw, ‘are two countries divided by a common language.’ That witty comment summarises the problems and complexities of English....

Heritage and home

from iTunes U (Free)

Heritage and home examines how we value the places that are central to our identity, from the personal to the national and even the global. The learning pathway starts by exploring...

Identity and the psychology of conflict

from iTunes U (Free)

In an interview about his role as a peace envoy, Terry Waite said ‘… there’s religion, religion and religion.’ He believes that religion is about humanity, rather than a...

Interpreting literature

from iTunes U (Free)

‘They will write stories about your victories for thousands of years,’ said the character Thetis about the Greek hero Achilles in the 2004 film ‘Troy’. And it was true –...

Introducing geometry: angles and shapes

from iTunes U (Free)

Greek mathematician Euclid, circa 323 BCE, is often referred to as the ‘father of geometry’, and much of his work forms the basis of geometry taught in schools today. ...

Introduction to renewable energy

from iTunes U (Free)

The search to find renewable energy sources is one of the dominant themes in the 21st Century. The historical reliance on the fossil energy sources of gas, coal and oil is not...

Learning about iTunes U Course Manager

from iTunes U (Free)

This course, built in iTunes U Course Manager, is about building courses in this tool. Since the launch of iTunes U Course Manager earlier in 2012, the Open University has been...

Leisure and pleasure in Ancient Rome

from iTunes U ($7)

How was leisure time spent in ancient Rome? Films like Gladiator present a popularised image of mass entertainment in the Roman age, but the dramatic spectacles at the Colosseum...

Maps and mapping

from iTunes U (Free)

Explore the terrain of maps and map-making, from the astrolabe of ancient times through to the satellite navigation and Google Earth of today. Learn how to take a bearing and...

Marvellous molecules

from iTunes U ($6)

Although there are only 100 or so different types of atom, there are millions upon millions of different types of molecule. This learning pathway focuses on just four of them, but...