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Excavating Origins

from iTunes U (Free)

What makes us human? How did we come to be, and what could we be in the future? These TED speakers tackle humanity’s oldest and deepest questions by playing with primates,...

Mapping and Manipulating the Brain

from iTunes U ($79)

With a hundred billion neurons and a hundred trillion connections between them, the brain may seem too byzantine to map. But neuroscientists are using an array of techniques to...

Reworking the Western Diet

from iTunes U ($233)

Today’s western diet —heavy in corn, soy, meat and dairy, processed and high in refined sugars—has a super-sized image problem. Its critics connect it to a range of human...

The Deep Ocean

from iTunes U ($34)

Aquatic explorers take the TED stage to share what they’ve seen in the abyss of Earth’s last frontier: the deep ocean. Home to massive underwater mountains and valleys, giant...