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Credit Card and Cash Receipts Income Deduction System

from iTunes U (Free)

E-learning video on credit card and cash receipts income deduction system

Enhancing Governance through e-Government

from iTunes U (Free)

The definition of e-government is to computerize administrative procedures and processes to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and responsiveness of government administration...

Forest Reclamation Policy in Korea

from iTunes U (Free)

The successful reforestation in Korea has a significant meaning in the world history. In 1982, UNFAO stated “Korea is the only developing country that has achieved a great...

Public - Private Partnership

from iTunes U (Free)

The PPP market in Korea has grown and developed into a stable and highly profitable financial market, thanks to the government’s systematic support and management to vitalize the...

Reform on Transportation System

from iTunes U (Free)

Korea has introduced an urban rail system to provide high-capacity public transport services for its metropolises that are ever expanding and undergoing densification. The nation...

The Role of Vocational Training in Korea’s Economic Development

from iTunes U (Free)

In the beginning of Korean economic development, government tried some makeshift measures for training the skilled workers. The attempts were to produce a skilled workers to...

Volume-based Waste Fee System in Korea

from iTunes U (Free)

After rapid industrialization and economic growth, Korea has faced various environmental problems as well as mass generation of waste. Moreover waste treatment facility was...