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1400s quiz

from Khan Academy (Free)

8 Secrets to English Success

from Udemy ($25)

Learn to understand native English speakers and improve your accent!

A beginner's guide to contemporary art

from Khan Academy (Free)

Artists first represented the human body more than 30,000 years ago and haven’t stopped since. Figurative art has been a continuous tradition through human history. Even in...

A beginner's guide to the Baroque

from Khan Academy (Free)

A beginner's guide to the Renaissance

from Khan Academy (Free)

No, not the color and not the wine! In the 15th century, the duchy of Burgundy was one of the most powerful regions in Europe, and stretched from what is today central France up to...

A beginner's guide to the medieval period

from Khan Academy (Free)

An overview of Europe in the middle ages.

Accent Reduction Made Fast and Easy

from Udemy ($49)

This is a complete guide for English Accent Reduction with Rules, Word and Sentence Examples.

Accent Reduction: English Pronunciation Mastery

from Udemy ($29)

Learn how to communicate more clearly in English. Accent reduction/accent modification starts with great pronunciation.

Adapting Novel to Screenplay

from Udemy ($49)

Turn Your Novel Into Hollywood's Next Bestseller!

Advanced English Grammar

from Udemy ($79)

A course designed to provide learners of English with the advanced grammar skills necessary for academic success.

Advanced Writing Strategies for Immediate Improvement

from Udemy ($69)

A course designed to help professionals and students refine their writing skills for professional and academic success.

American Accent Training for East Asian Professionals

from Udemy ($25)

Communicate more clearly and confidently with English-speaking employers, clients, coworkers, and friends.

American Accent Training for IT Professionals

from Udemy ($79)

This course teaches Information Technology professionals how to communicate clearly and effectively in American English.

American Civics

from Khan Academy (Free)

Videos about how government works in the United States.

American English for Success in Business

from Udemy ($189)

A comprehensive American Accent course to help you master American English.

American Modernism

from Khan Academy (Free)

Art had never been especially important in America. Before the Civil War, many of America’s best artists went to Europe and stayed. Even after the war, American artists found...

An Introduction to English Grammar

from Udemy ($19)

All the tenses of English grammar and how they work.

An Introduction to English Pronunciation

from Udemy ($19)

Learn how to improve your English accent and learn about English pronunciation.

Analyzing Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

from Udemy ($25)

A comprehensive analysis of the Arthurian tale "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight".