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4th Grade: Energy

from iTunes U ($2)

This course is designed to allow students to explore energy in many forms. First, students will learn the three states of matter and how energy changes each state from a solid,...

4th Grade:Ecosystems Around the World

from iTunes U ($2)

Students will journey through books, videos, songs and illustrations to gain a better understanding of Ecosystems Around the World. ...

5th Grade Science

from iTunes U ($27)

Welcome to 5th grade science! I hope that you’re ready to learn, innovate, and have some fun. In this course, students will explore four large topics: what science is, earth...

6th Grade Science

from iTunes U ($12)

Aspects of Texas' 6th Grade Science Curriculum will be covered including basic concepts of Biology, Geology, Physics, Chemistry.

7th Grade Science

from iTunes U ($2)

This course is designed for 7th grade science students at Platteville Middle School.

8th Grade Interior of the Earth

from iTunes U ($2)

In this short course, we will learn about the layers of the earth and plate tectonics.

8th Grade Science

from iTunes U ($1)

8th Grade Science is an integrated survey of the three main branches of science.

A Photographer's Guide to Light

from Tutsplus (Subscription)

Without light, there is no photography. In this course you'll learn about visible light and the electromagnetic spectrum. You will learn about the three most important qualities of...

Accelerated Regents Earth Science

from iTunes U ($64)

Regents Earth Science is the study of Earth and the Universe. We will explore mapping, rocks and minerals, plate tectonics theory, earthquakes, volcanism, weathering, erosion,...


from The Open University ($1393)

This module considers the structure, origin and evolution of stars, galaxies and the Universe as a whole, asking questions such as: How are stars born, and what happens when they...

Astronomy — EARTH 051

from Brigham Young University ($144)

In this nonmathematical look at astronomy, students will learn what people have traditionally thought about space and how scientists currently study it.


from The Open University ($1393)

If you are interested in using quantitative physical methods to understand the building blocks of the Universe, and already have a good background in OU level 2 maths, physics and...

BGHS Honors Human Physiology

from iTunes U ($17)

Welcome to Ms. DeJoria's Honors Human Physiology class at Bishop Gorman High School. This I-Tunes U course was specifically designed for the Honors Human Physiology course. ...

Biological science: from genes to species

from The Open University ($2786)

This module explores a range of advanced topics in biological science from evolution to cell and molecular biology. You will learn about fundamental aspects of modern biology...

Brain Matters

from iTunes U ($17)

Your brain is both amazingly powerful and incredible delicate. What are concussions and how do they happen? How can you protect your brain and keep it safe? This collection of...

Cell biology

from The Open University ($1393)

Cell biology explores the fascinating and diverse world of cells, from single-celled micro-organisms to the specialised cells that form complex tissues in plants and animals. It...

Chemistry: essential concepts

from The Open University ($2786)

Chemistry is fundamental to our modern world, touching all aspects of our lives; food, health, materials, energy and our environment. Indeed, the solutions for many of the...

Chemistry: further concepts and applications

from The Open University ($2786)

Chemistry is fundamental in our lives and this module explores chemistry in the context of the natural world, from its role in the environment, in both aqueous and atmospheric...

Climate Change

from iTunes U ($134)

These speakers take the TED stage to illuminate the nature and scale of current-day climate science, policy and ethics. They explore the economics and psychology of individual and...

Create a Toy Challenge

from iTunes U ($24)

About This Challenge: This is one of many challenges the library offers. In the "Create a Toy Challenge", our School is collaborating with a local...