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Brain Matters

from iTunes U ($17)

Your brain is both amazingly powerful and incredible delicate. What are concussions and how do they happen? How can you protect your brain and keep it safe? This collection of...

Create a Toy Challenge

from iTunes U ($24)

About This Challenge: This is one of many challenges the library offers. In the "Create a Toy Challenge", our School is collaborating with a local...

Cyber Security

from iTunes U (Free)

The Cyber Security course covers worldwide events such as breaking espionage cases and arrest reports, cyber espionage incidents, and terrorist activity.

EACS 7th grade Science

from iTunes U (Free)

Grade 7 students further their scientific understanding of the natural world through investigations, experiences, and readings. They design solutions to practical problems by using...

Health 9

from iTunes U (Free)

Health is a study of the daily health problems of students, schools, and communities. It is being offered to students to help improve general health standards and to teach them...

Introduction to Information Studies

from iTunes U (Free)

The vaunted Information Revolution is more than Web surfing, Net games, and dotcoms. Indeed, it is the foundation for an economic and social transformation on a scale comparable to...

Making Sound Visible: Teacher's Guide

from iTunes U ($29)

This course provides background information on sound and instruction for incorporating the study of sound waves into a classroom with iPads. This course is intended for teachers...

The Leaf Walk Field Trip

from iTunes U ($4)

This course is a "behind-the-scenes" example of a "mini-lesson" that incorporates field study with the creation of a field guide. Students learn how to classify leaves by first...