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K-12 Blended & Online Learning

from coursera (Free)

This course introduces teachers and interested adults to K12 blended and online learning. Participants will design a blended or online unit and develop one module to use with K12...

100 Courses and Counting: David Rivers on Elearning

from (Subscription)

David Rivers has been recording elearning courses for for over a decade. He's one of our star authors! In this interview (conducted from his home recording studio in...

2D Animation

from iTunes U (Free)

Grade 11 2D Animation The purpose of this course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to create two-dimensional animations.Students will...

APA Formatting

from iTunes U (Free)

APA formatting isn't easy, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult. This course will be a study guide on how to do APA formatting in the 6th edition. Following these steps...

Aboriginal Worldviews and Education

from coursera (Free)

This course will explore indigenous ways of knowing and how this knowledge can inform education to the benefit of all students.

Access 2016 Essential Training

from (Subscription)

Learn how to build databases to store and retrieve your data more efficiently with Access 2016. Adam Wilbert shows how to use the powerful program to wrangle your data and create...

Accountable Talk®: Conversation that Works

from coursera (Free)

Designed for teachers and learners in every setting - in school and out, in formal learning environments or at home - this course is an introduction to the theory and practice of...

Adobe Captivate 8 Essential Training

from (Subscription)

Captivate 8 Essential Training guides you through the features and tools of Captivate 8, while providing instructional-design tips for creating successful elearning and mobile...

Adobe Captivate 8 First Look

from (Subscription)

Adobe Captivate 8 is here, offering better support for mobile devices and new learning interactions. Aaron Quigley offers a first look at Captivate's responsive templates, which...

Adobe Captivate 9 First Look

from (Subscription)

Captivate 9 is packed with features and enhancements that make the new version of this elearning software even more valuable to authors and educators. Here Pooja Jaisingh provides...

Adobe Captivate Prime Essential Training

from (Subscription)

Adobe Captivate Prime is a new learning management system (LMS) that integrates seamlessly with Captivate to deliver online responsive elearning. Adobe elearning evangelist Pooja...

Adobe Captivate Prime: First Look

from (Subscription)

Captivate Prime is a new kind of learning management system, designed to integrate seamlessly with Adobe Captivate and take advantage of all the flexibility of the cloud. Join...

Advanced Grammar

from iTunes U (Free)

Advanced Grammar will encompass the basic as well as the most complex constituents of the English language, not just in sentence structures, but in phonology, morphology, and...

Agile Instructional Design

from (Subscription)

Many instructional design and development processes produce ineffective products, often accompanied by delayed timelines and cost overruns. Agile instructional design applies the...

Algebra I

from Khan Academy (Free)

Sal works through the problems from the CA Standards released questions ( It is best to go through the "algebra" topic first...

Algebra I Remediation

from iTunes U (Free)

Remediation course for Algebra 1 students

Algebra II

from Khan Academy (Free)

Sal works through 80 questions taken from the California Standards Test for Algebra II ( If you struggle with these you can...

All About iMovie for iPad

from iTunes U (Free)

This course will give you the ins and outs of iMovie for iPad.

An Adventure in Motorcycle Physics

from iTunes U (Free)

Motorcyclists can improve their riding awareness and skills by acquiring a deeper understanding of the physics of riding. Although technical in nature, this content offers...

Animals and Their Stories

from iTunes U ($4)

This unit is taught using the five E's of instruction. This instruction model is based on a constructivist approach to learning, which says learners build or construct new ideas on...