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"isiXhosa for Beginners" South African Language

from Udemy ($24)

Learn the beautiful South African language of isiXhosa and the about the people and places in the country

(COMPREHENSIVE) Business English and Blog Writing in a Month

from Udemy ($24)

Learn business English and become a successful blog writer. Grammar, Sentences, Tenses, Idioms, Vocabularies and more

0 to HSK6 without a teacher

from Udemy ($24)

How to go from being an absolute beginner in Chinese to passing HSK6 without ever having a Chinese teacher

113 Confusing Words in English Vocabulary

from Udemy ($24)

Easily learn these often mixed up words that are spelled or sound similar or the same. Never confuse these words again!

20th century literature: texts and debates

from The Open University ($2786)

This module takes you right to the heart of twentieth-century literature – the excitement it has caused, the provocative critical debates it has generated, the political and...

25 Essential French Expressions for Your Trip to France

from Udemy ($24)

A collection of 25 expressions you need to know for getting around in Europe's most visited country.

2nd Grade: Balto

from iTunes U ($14)

The students in this course will learn about the reason that the Iditarod was started. Understanding the importance of animals in history and why this incident was so important to...

6 Rules To Speak English With Pure Confidence

from Udemy ($24)

Gain the confidence to speak English anywhere, anytime so you no longer have to fear mistakes or worry what others think

7+ in IELTS Listening: All techniques for Academic & General

from Udemy ($24)

Shine in your next IELTS test and confidently answer all the Listening questions. You will understand all you need!

A Masterclass in Formal Writing

from Udemy ($49)

Learn how to Create Outstanding Reports, Essays and Formal Letters that Enable you to Excel in your Chosen Profession

A buen puerto: advanced Spanish

from The Open University ($2786)

This module follows on from Viento en popa: upper intermediate Spanish (L204). It continues to develop your knowledge and understanding of the society and culture of Spain and...

A1-C2. Strike the trouble points of Spanish language!

from Udemy ($24)

Learn how to use the most difficult points of Spanish: ser/estar, subjuntivo, indefinido/imperfecto, etc.

AP English Language and Composition

from iTunes U ($21)

This course is specifically designed for a face to face secondary classroom environment delivered at Coppell High School in Coppell, TX. Learners in this course are in their...

Absolute Beginners Reading for Children or ESL Adults

from Udemy ($19)

A course for children or ESL Adults wishing to learn reading in English or a reading refresher for grade level children

Accent Reduction in 5 Weeks: An Intensive Action Plan

from Udemy ($55)

Learn the most important concepts of the American accent, follow a proven practice plan, and sound better by next month.

Accents in Spanish words

from Udemy ($20)

How to master accenting Spanish words in a fun easy way

Acquire an American Accent

from Udemy ($19)

Learn to pronounce words clearly and precisely with less effort without having to repeat what you say.

Advanced English for Italian Speakers

from Udemy ($24)

Improve your English language skills with examples and real life exercises.

Advanced English: Achieve English Fluency

from Udemy ($20)

Go from intermediate English to mastering advanced topics in this Advanced English Course.