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Fundamentals of Corporate Management

from Alison (Free)

This free Business Skills course introduces the learner to the world of corporate management. Using an interactive presentation style, the lessons go through the characteristics of...

Introduction au Management de Projets (French Language)

from Alison (Free)

Ce module se base essentiellement sur les principes décrit dans le Guide du Corpus des Connaissances en Management de Projet (Guide PMBOK*) du PMI (Projet Management Institute)....

Introduction to Balance Sheets

from Alison (Free)

The balance sheet is a basic accounting concept used to calculate how much cash, assets and liabilities are in our accounts at the end of the day. Knowing how to work through a...

Introduction to Cash Accounting

from Alison (Free)

Cash accounting is a very important basic accounting concept and anybody who works with accounts should have a thorough knowledge and understanding of it. Cash accounting is a...

Introduction to Valuation and Investing

from Alison (Free)

Many people would like to know how to go about valuing stocks and shares and investing in the stock market but the terminology and concepts can be confusing and intimidating. This...

Understanding Supply Chain Risk Management

from Alison (Free)

The course Understanding Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) introduces the learner to the multitude of risks that threaten the operation of supply chains at national and global...