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8th Grade Computers

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This is a required class for eighth grade students and is offered for a semester. Word processing, spreadsheets, databases, powerpoints and video design. Project based course.


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Students who take this course will develop basic accounting competencies and be able to demonstrate knowledge of the accounting cycle. Upon completing this course students will be...

Applied Skills 8

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Applied Skills 8 is a required course for students in grade 8. It is a brief introduction to Marketing concepts, Entrepreneurship,Accounting, and computer applications such as...

Business 10 General

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Business 10 General is an introduction to many facets of Business. Topics include Accounting, Marketing, Personal Finance, Economics, and Entrepreneurship.

Business Information Management

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Business Information Management Course

Business Ownership & Marketing

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Students will be able to identify the steps necessary to become a business owner.

Business Studies

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College Sports Marketing

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Sports Marketing is basically the marketing of sports, or the marketing of your product through sports.

Crash, Bang, Wallop!

from iTunes U ($30)

POW...have you always wanted to develop and combine all the skills you need to start out in business, ICT and design? In this learning journey you will gain all the essential...

Criminal Law II

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This course covers specific topics in law such as: DWI; Identity Theft; Road Rage & Serial Killers.

Introduction to the Innovation Economy of Ohio

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Following decades of economic expansion and job creation driven by technology and entrepreneurship, our nation is being challenged on an unprecedented level to maintain its...

SF DeSales Productions

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DeSales Productions will advance the state of multimedia technology, technology awareness, school public relations from our student body perspective, student led technology...

Word Processing for Input Technology

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is for the Word Processing section of Input Technologies-355910. It contains instructions and lessons for the standards provided in the frameworks.