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20 Lightroom Lifesavers

from Craftsy ($49)

Cut hours from your postproduction process, with 20 little-known Adobe Lightroom� techniques for quick, easy and dramatic finished images.

Baby Photography at Home

from Craftsy ($49)

Capture all the magic of the most precious year � at home! Create cherished baby portraits with fuss-free techniques for posing, propping, lighting and settings.

Basics of Digital Photography

from Craftsy ($59)

Start taking better photos today with essential DSLR techniques!

Basics of Flash Photography

from Craftsy ($49)

Let Santa Fe instructor Rick Allred shed light on how to use your flash like a pro, for natural, beautiful results that will set your photos apart.

Basics of Landscape Photography

from Craftsy ($34)

Explore essential techniques for breathtaking landscape photos! Learn how to confidently choose your subject, compose strong images and more.

Composing Classic Landscapes

from Craftsy ($39)

Capture majestic mountain ranges and colorful fall foliage with innovative techniques for spectacular landscape photos.

Creative iPhoneography Tips & Tricks

from Craftsy ($49)

Learn how to use your iPhone's camera and powerful editing apps to move beyond basic filters and create incredible images you'll enjoy sharing.

Dog Photography

from Craftsy ($39)

Take wag-worthy photos that show off a dog�s lovable personality!

Family Photography: Candid Moments & Storytelling

from Craftsy ($24)

Capture everyday moments with timeless family photos!

Fundamentals of Photography

from Craftsy ($69)

Go beyond "point and click" and start thinking like a photographer! Explore fundamental concepts such as composition and light as you learn to create unforgettable images.

Get to Know Your Lenses

from Craftsy ($39)

Learn how to choose and use the lens you need for the results you want! Unlock the creative possibilities and advantages of each lens.

Getting Started With Portrait Retouching in Photoshop

from Craftsy ($49)

Learn fast and easy Photoshop� techniques that bring out the beauty in every subject, including flawless skin, perfect hair, bright eyes and more.

How to Edit Photos: Develop Your Editor's Eye

from Craftsy ($34)

Turn the moments you capture into memories worth sharing. Learn editing tips for how and when to correct exposure, white balance, color, composition and more.

Landscape Photography: Shooting From Dawn to Dusk

from Craftsy ($29)

Journey through stunning sand dune vistas with photo guru Rick Sammon & elevate your landscape photos from bland to breathtaking in this online class.

Layers & Masks Demystified

from Craftsy ($34)

Transform the photos you take into the images you want. Learn how to use Photoshop� tools to make light retouches, color changes, image composites and more.

Lightroom Essentials: The Develop Module

from Craftsy ($39)

Get the most out of the Develop Module in Adobe Lightroom�. Discover the secrets to beautifully enhanced photographs and cut your editing time in half!

Lightroom Unlocked: The Power of Presets

from Craftsy ($49)

Make Lightroom� editing easier and faster than ever. Learn how to use automated presets to speed up your workflow and create the beautiful results you want.

Mastering Exposure

from Craftsy ($49)

Gain an essential understanding of exposure. Learn to assess any lighting situation, take control of your settings and shoot great photos.

Mobile Photography

from Craftsy ($24)

Make the most of your smartphone camera, whether Android� or iPhone�. Go beyond basic settings, take impressive photographs and add incredible postproduction effects.

National Geographic Masters of Photography

from Craftsy ($69)

Discover foolproof methods for better photography from 12 top National Geographic photographers. Conquer skills for landscapes, wildlife, portraits and beyond.