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App Smashing - Creating an iBook

from iTunes U ($9)

App Smashing is the practice of using various apps to create, edit and compile one single end product. ...

Become a Citizen Journalist

from iTunes U ($4)

Mobile journalism is an emerging form of new media storytelling where reporters use portable electronic devices with network connectivity to gather, edit and distribute news from...

Best Practice & Protocols using iPads

from iTunes U (Free)

This course has been put together by the Digital Leaders at Hove Park. It is designed to give you a clear understanding of the workflow methods and protocols when using iPads in...

CHS - Beginning Graphic Design

from iTunes U (Free)

CLASS LOCATION: Mr. Giglia's Media Lab in the High School...

CHS - Beginning Video Production

from iTunes U (Free)

CLASS LOCATION: Mr. Giglia's Media Lab in the High School west wing. DESCRIPTION: ...

Communications Technology I

from iTunes U ($19)

This course provides students with instruction in the characteristics and evolution of technology, underlying principles of design, and fundamental knowledge and skills in the use...

Computer Programming

from iTunes U (Free)

Students begin learning how to code by joining a course under Miss Fish (information is emailed to them). ( After completion of this course students...

Cours de développement web débutant

from iTunes U (Free)

Grâce à ce cours vous acquérerez les bases de la programmation web.

Creating & Sharing Open Educational Resources

from iTunes U ($0)

This nonlinear collection of Multi-Touch resource books are designed to support educators who are authoring content and/or guiding learners who are authoring content for...

Cultura AV. El Cine

from iTunes U (Free)

¿Qué es el cine? Su significado nos remite inmediatamente a un gran espectáculo lleno de luces, maquillaje, actores y popularidad; pero el cine tiene un origen científico.

Digital Design & Communication

from iTunes U (Free)

Digital art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process. This course...

Digital Design 1

from iTunes U ($247)

The purpose of this course is to prepare students for employment in digital publishing positions, such as Information Technology Assistants, Production Assistants, Digital...

Digital Dojo - The Online World

from iTunes U ($40)

In this ever-changing world, we need to develop the skills to be adaptable, creative and tech savvy. “Digital Dojo” is going to take you through the first steps on this...

Digital Identity in a Digital World

from iTunes U (Free)

Safe and responsible use of digital technologies is important in order to allow students to gain an understanding of the behaviours and processes which will help them to act in a...

Digital Marketing

from iTunes U (Free)

This introductory Digital Marketing course looks at the important things to consider when starting off a digital marketing campaign using Facebook pages

Digital Media Design

from iTunes U (Free)

This course provides students with the concepts, techniques and desktop publishing process used in the industry. It emphasises the use of text (typography), color selection,...

Digital Video Production 1

from iTunes U ($20)

This course covers competencies in safe work practices, planning a production set, lighting planning, camera operation, and audio/ video recording, mixing, and editing.

Digital Video Production 1

from iTunes U ($54)

This course offers a sequence of resources that provides content aligned with academic state standards for Digital Video Production 1 and relevant technical knowledge and skills;...


from iTunes U (Free)

This course is a series of lessons on building a website using Dreamweaver. The heart of the lessons are instructional videos from Adobe using Dreamweaver CS 5. Students are able...

Elementary Technology Enrichment Class

from iTunes U (Free)

This course is intended to offer useful information for parents of Elementary students at Saint James School regarding technology instruction. Links to resources regarding digital...