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11 Things Every Newspaper Should Know About PDFs

from (Subscription)

After years of watching colleagues and clients struggle with PDFs, Russell Viers was inspired to create this course, which takes a practical, nuts-and-bolts look at working with...

1Password Fundamentals

from (Subscription)

With bugs like Heartbleed on the rise, it's a good time to ditch personal passwords for more secure, randomized ones. 1Password helps you keep track of these hard-to-remember...

2D Game Development with LibGDX: Building Cross Platform Mobile Games

from Udacity (Free)

This course explores how to use LibGDX to build 2D games that run anywhere, from web browsers to mobile devices. We start with simple drawings, and then turn to simple...

2D/3D Animation

from iTunes U (Free)

An introduction to 2D and 3D design concepts and terminology. Practical experience in the design and evaluation of 2D/3D still and motion graphics. Students gain practical...

7th and 8th Grade iPad Review

from iTunes U (Free)

iPad Revisited is a review of the rules and procedures for 7th and 8th graders included in the district's 1:1 initiative.

A Developer's Guide to Setting Up a New Mac

from Tutsplus (Subscription)

Getting a new Mac is one of the best things that can happen to anyone, but especially a developer. Since you use your computer all day, it's important to have the best one...

A Developer's Guide to Windows 10

from Microsoft Virtual Academy (Free)

Please note (August 2015): This updated Windows 10 content reflects the most current information, as of August 12, 2015. ...

A/B Testing: Online Experiment Design and Analysis

from Udacity (Free)

This course will cover the design and analysis of A/B tests, also known as split tests, which are online experiments used to test potential improvements to a website or mobile...

Access 2007: Forms and Reports in Depth

from (Subscription)

Discover how to manage data entry and reporting tasks more efficiently with Access 2007. Author Adam Wilbert presents lessons designing forms, organizing and displaying data with...

Access 2010: Forms and Reports in Depth

from (Subscription)

Discover how to manage data entry and reporting tasks more efficiently using Access 2010. Author Adam Wilbert presents lessons on designing forms, organizing and displaying data...

Acrobat 3D Version 8 Essential Training

from (Subscription)

One of the challenges of sharing 3D CAD documents results from the sheer size of the files and the potential incompatibility among file formats. With support for major CAD...

Acrobat 7 Essential Training

from (Subscription)

PDF has become the standard format for electronically sharing documents. But what can you do with your PDFs once they're created? Acrobat 7 Essential Training shows you how to take...

Acrobat 7 New Features

from (Subscription)

Acrobat 7 New Features is a movie-based tutorial created for people who are already familiar with earlier releases of Adobe Acrobat and who are upgrading to, or considering,...

Acrobat 8 Professional Beyond the Basics

from (Subscription)

In Acrobat 8 Professional Beyond the Basics, instructor Brian Wood demonstrates how to use Acrobat 8 Standard and Acrobat 8 Professional to fully optimize PDF documents. The...

Acrobat 8 Professional Essential Training

from (Subscription)

Acrobat 8 Professional Essential Training provides a thorough explanation of each of this application's essential features. The training covers how to put together slick...

Acrobat 9 Pro Essential Training

from (Subscription)

With Acrobat 9, Adobe continues to evolve the venerable PDF from a simple paperless document into a collaborative hub for many forms of digital communication. In Acrobat 9 Pro...

Acrobat 9 Pro Getting Started

from (Subscription)

Acrobat 9 Pro makes it easier than ever to combine elements from various sources into a single, universal document that can be an interactive hub of digital communication. As Brian...

Acrobat 9 Pro Tips and Tricks

from (Subscription)

PDF documents are the lingua franca of the digital world, but most users barely scratch the surface of how Acrobat can help them edit, manage, and improve PDFs. In Acrobat 9...

Acrobat 9 Pro: Creating Forms

from (Subscription)

PDF forms can be much more than something to print, fill out by hand, and fax back. Interactive fields allow for a web-like user experience, and submission via email or server can...

Acrobat 9 Pro: Creating Multimedia Projects

from (Subscription)

Acrobat 9 Pro has the ability to integrate JavaScript, multimedia, and Flash within interactive PDFs. In Acrobat 9 Pro: Creating Multimedia Projects, Brian Wood teaches web...