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Abnormal Psychology

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A study of neurotic and psychotic behavior including origin, classification, symptoms and a survey of diagnosis, therapy and prevention.

Applied Public Policy Research Methods

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This course will study research methods, research strategies, and statistical analysis skills necessary to both produce and critically analyze research reports and data...

Charles Darwin: reluctant revolutionary in the Victorian age

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Victorian scientist Charles Darwin was the first person to publish a book on the idea of evolution by natural selection. His name has entered the English language. For some people...


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More than half the world’s population now lives in cities and by 2050 over 70 per cent of the world will be urban dwellers. ‘Cities,’ says Professor Doreen Massey, ‘are...

Community Based Corrections

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This course introduces the student to the new philosophies within corrections to establish successful rehabilitation programs in the community and outside of traditional prison...

Counseling Adolescents and Their Families

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This course examines the transitions of adolescence emphasizing family, social, spiritual/moral, and physical issues. Counseling theories and practices for working with...

Crime Scene Management

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This course will address critical thinking, resource management, supervision, and investigative failures in criminal investigations. A detailed explanation of how to effectively...

Crime Scene Photography

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Students will learn and apply principles of photography in digital format. Within the field of forensic science, the use and understanding of photography is essential. The course...

Crisis & First Responder Training: Skills & Techniques

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This course will provide a foundation of the theoretical concepts and practical applications of crisis response and critical incidents, taking into account topics such as:...

Critical Infrastructure Protection

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This course encompasses identification, prioritization, and protection of critical infrastructure including agriculture, cyber and information technology, telecommunications,...

Delinquency and Crime Prevention

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Explores various strategies for prevention of adult and juvenile crime with particular attention to the theoretical and empirical bases for these approaches. Students will develop...

Guide to Meditation

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To aid secondary school aged students to practice meditation outside of the classroom, on their own or in a small group.

Integration of Spirituality and Counseling

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Students critically examine the implications of a Christian worldview for counseling and marriage and family practice. Ethical issues relevant to the use of spiritual and religious...

Introduction to Research

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An introduction to psychological research techniques and methodology designed to improve students’ understanding of the basic issues in the scientific methods of the social...

Introduction to Sociology

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Purpose of Course ...

Media and Society

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When Marshall McLuhan wrote "the medium is the message," he brought to light the manner in which the very method by which we as citizens absorb...

Multicultural Counseling

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This course focuses on the multiple dimensions related to competent multicultural counseling. Major ethnic groups are studied along with the counseling, social justice, and...

Orientation to Counselor Professional Identity and Function

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This course introduces students to concepts regarding the professional functioning of licensed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, and human services workers,...


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Self-development course is to nurture well-rounded and world-ready scientific minds. Additionally, this course is to build a generation proud and firmly rooted to their culture and...

Psychologische Grundlagen des Lehrens und Lernens: Kognitive Psychologie 1

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Die zweiteilige Vorlesung aus dem Wintersemester 2000/2001 führt in die Vielfalt psychologischer Aufgaben und Probleme der Lehrer- und Schülertätigkeit aus der Sicht...